Dragon Light Photography specializes in Photography Workshops in China and the Far East. Using their many years of experience in exploring the most beautiful scenic areas in China to take pictures for the International Exhibition of Photography (also known as “International Salon”) competitions, our workshop leaders, Thomas Lang and Henry Ng will help you in getting experience and improving your photographic skills while touring many of the most beautiful places in China. The workshops are tailored for those who are interested in getting pictures for International Salon competitions as well as novice photographers. Unlike other China photo tours that rely on local personnel in China to make all the arrangements and conduct the tours, our leaders know China very well themselves and have explored every place in China in order to take pictures for the International Exhibition competitions for the past twenty years. They do all the planning, organizing, and conducting the workshops and tours by themselves. Not only you will save money, but most importantly, our workshop leaders, Thomas and Henry will lead you to visit the places in China that they have obtained many outstanding pictures before and providing you with many outstanding picture-taking opportunities that other tours are not even aware about it. 

Unlike other commercial China tours that are designed for sightseeing purposes, our workshops are designed by photographers for the photographers and offer the finest settings, conditions and locations for obtaining breathtaking pictures. Our goal is to insure maximum opportunity for individual participant to learn, explore and shoot. Posing models (e.g. old Chinese sail boats, fishmen, local ladies, etc.) will be arranged in many places to provide a perfect setting and increasing the opportunities for you in getting outstanding pictures. Thomas and Henry will provide instructions on taking pictures in the field to help you to improve your photographic skills. In addition, they will share their secrets to success in the International Salon competitions at their workshops.

The tour will take care of everything for you from the time you arrive in China to the time you return to the United States, thus providing a complete hassle-free environment so you can concentrate on just enjoying, learning and taking pictures.  We are eager to make your workshop experience memorable and productive.

We hope you will join Dragon Light for workshops in China that will provide you with numerous opportunities in taking breathtaking images but more importantly, give you the opportunity to become a more artistic and proficient photographer.