Henry Ng,



Henry has been involving in photography for more than 35 years. He was born in China and was raised in Hong Kong. Henry started becoming interested in photography when he was 13 years old and particularly like photographing people, landscapes, human-interest subjects, nature, sports and does creative work. His competition record in the International Salon competitions has been exceptional.  He was ranked among the top world exhibitor in the PSA’s “Who’s Who in Photography” numerous times. It includes:

2003: 13th in the World (5th in North America) in Color Slides;

2004:  5th in the World (2nd in North America) in Color Slides;

2005:  1st in the World in Color Slides;

           tied for 1st in the World in Photo Travel Slides;

            6th in the World (2nd in North America) in Photojournalism Slides;

            7th in the World (2nd in North America) in Digital Imaging;

2006:  3rd in the World (1st in North America) in Color Slides; and

            1st in the World in Photo Travel Slides

2007: 2nd in the World in small Color prints section


In the past four years alone, he has had more than 1,500 acceptances and received more than 350 Gold, Silver, Bronze awards and other special awards, including over 40 “Best of Show” awards from the International Salon competitions throughout the world. He received 4 Stars in Color Slide, 4 Stars in Photo Travel, 2 Stars in Nature, 3 Stars in Photojournalism and 2 Stars in Digital Imaging from PSA. In 2006, the PSA awarded Henry the “PPSA” honor for his outstanding international competition record at its annual International Conference in Baltimore. In addition, Henry received many photographic honors from many photographic societies and Salons from all over the world. He has served as a judge for many camera clubs and International Salon competitions. Henry is an excellent teacher and has conducted many photographic seminars and workshops for many camera clubs. His beautiful pictures are frequently selected to be published in the International Salon catalogs.